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Pod vŕškami Stereo 3D

We have created several 3D visualisations for this project. Simple red-cyan glasses are required for viewing.

Welcome to the third dimesion. 3D for everyone.


The prices of 3D viewing equipment are very affordable. The difference between the price of a regular TV and a 3D TV is minimal. Thats why we started offering 3D stereoscopic content creation.

Stereoscopic 3D visualizations, animations and videos are very impressive types of marketing media. This allows to maximize the impression, convey the feeling of the space and immerse the viewer into the action

3D LCDs and televisions are becoming a standard equipment in showrooms and presentation rooms. Imagine being able to view the proposed project, desingned interior or apartment as if you were standing right inside and felt the space around you.

We can provide or rent all the neccessary accsessories for viewing including 3D TV sets and glasses thus providing the same quality as you are used to in modern cinemas. For a basic version a pair of classic red-cyan glasses will be sufficient.

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